Barwa Village
  Client: Barwa Real Estate Co.
  Price: QR. 1,550,826,214.00
  Start: 01/07/2008
  End: 31/12/2009
West Bay Project Road Works and Infrastructure, Zone 61 - Coastal Strip
  Client: Qatar Primary Routes, Ashghal
  Price: QR. 43,960,000.00
  Start: 01/09/2005
  End: 29/12/2006
Energy Centre at Khalifa Sports City
  Client: Khalifa Sport City Development Committee
  Price: QR. 139,907,726.39
  Start: 17/05/2003
  End: 03/04/2004
DFC 0191 Doha & Rayyan Sewerage, PS 42/2 Area sewerage Phase II, Civil Project 392/1 (Build, Test, Commission and Transfer)
  Client: M.M.A.A.D.D
  Price: QR. 11,242,349.00
  Start: 02-03-2002
  End: 25-05-2003
Doha & Rayyan Sewerage, Al Asiery Area Sewerage, Phase 3, Civil Project 262/2 (Build, Test, Commission and Transfer)
  Client: M.M.A.A.D.D
  Price: QR. 21,805,559.00
  Start: 02/02/2002
  End: 03/12/2003
Doha & Rayyan Sewerage, Al Waab Area Sewerage, Phase 1, Civil Project 618 (Build, Test, Commission and Transfer)
  Client: M.M.A.A.D.D
  Price: QR. 26,327,691.00
  Start: 26-01-2002
  End: 30-03-2004
Refurbishment of Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant & Sewerage Network in Mesaieed Industrial City, GTC 166/2000
  Client: Qatar Petroleum -MIC
  Price: QR. 5,443,820.00
  Start: 22/01/2001
  End: 04/03/2002
Doha & Rayyan Sewerage, Rayyan North Area Sewerage, Civil Project 378
  Client: M.M.A.A, C.E.D
  Price: QR. 17,986,590.00
  Start: 20-11-1999
  End: 12/11/2002
A) Doha & Rayyan Sewerage North Azizia Area Sewerage DFC 0295 Civil Project 386/1. B)Ditto- Variation Order
  Client: M.M.A.A. / A.C.E.C.
  Price: A)QR. 19,980,367.00 B)QR. 3,976,960.00
  Start: A)16/08/1997 B) 20/02/2000
  End: A) 19/02-2000 B) 19/11/2000
Reclamation and Rehabilitation of Al Karaana Lagoon (RRKL) – Phase 1
  Client: ASHGHAL
  Price: 45,307,111.00
  Start: 08-01-2018
  End: 21-03-2019
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